Monday, 17 October 2011

Where did elephantfrills come from?

sorry Ive not posted for so long. I need to get into the swing of this blogging business!
I am going to answer a question several people have asked me, and im sure many more people want to know but are too polite to ask! Where did the name elephant frills come from? Its simple realy!
I never realy had a business name to begin with. I just sold at craft fairs with a business card that just had my name and folksy account on. I was applying for a stall at a particular event that needed a business name. hmmmmmmm...... what to call myself?
After a run of night shifts (very busy night shifts!), and an application deadline looming, me and my then boyfriend (now husband not ex!) sat down to come up with a name. OK in reality, I sat down to come up with a name, he sat down to be totally useless at naming anything! After several horrendous suggestions, I decided to open up a word document and use the theasaurus. I typed in 'accessories' and one of the words it came up with was frills. I thought that was perfect as all my products are the frills of an outfit. The non essential items that make it just that bit prettier. However, frills is not realy an adequate business name, so what to put with it? Jokingly, the man said elephant? as they are my favourite animals. And you know what? I LOVED it! Ok its totally random and loads of people dont get it, but thats me all over! I hope you like it too, please comment about it below. Dont hold back, I can handle it!
Next time, im working on uploading pictures of what im currently making - scary times!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My first blog post!

Hi everyone (Im hoping more than one person reads this!)

Welcome to my blog. Ive been meaning to set one up for AGES but I keep thinking, who on earth will be interested in what I have to say?! But today I thought, if you dont try you'll never know, so here it goes.

I thought Id start my first blog post with a bit about me. My name is Laura, and by day I am a nurse (or by night depending on my rota!). I currently work in a neonatal intensive care unit which is amazingly rewarding but also amazingly stressfull. This is why I started crocheting. I find it soothing and therapeutic. Then I started sewing - also soothing and therapeutic until you stab yourself with a needle, bad times :-(

To fund my hobby and to stop my house overflowing with things I've made, I sell some of my creations on folksy, and at craft fairs.

I have just got married to my amazing husband Peter, and we have just bought our first house. I feel like a propper grown up now! We are currently destorying said house with our attempts at DIY. Hopefully it will soon be fit for human habitation!

Anyway, I dont want to start boring you all, as no one will ever come back if I do that!
Thanks for reading